ACTS Longest Neighborhood Table Event

White, teal, and silver. Balloons, paddles, and photo booth props. Family style dinner and inspiration from ACTS Homeowners. We were a community like no other–the one that sat at the longest table, 256 feet to be exact, for an evening. We were honored by the presence and generosity of all who attended. Please join us next year where we hope to expand the table to over 300 feet!

Co-chairs: Chris Goller, PNC and Cristy Garcia-Thomas, Aurora Healthcare

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Check out the Longest Neighborhood Table event photos courtesy of Fred Croen:

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Thanks to the people listed below, the ACTS Longest Neighborhood Table event netted $110,000!

Aspen Antonio and Kevin Malaney

Brent and Kelly Arnold

Sequoya Borgman

Wayne and Brenda Breitbarth

Marybeth Budisch

Brenda Campbell

Jim and Libby Cavanaugh

Monique Charlier

Venus Coates

Cathy and Mario Costantini

Julie Cudahy

Christine Culver

Nick D’Antonio

Jennifer Dirks

Britton and Charlie Domer

Jon Donahue

Dan and Terese Einhorn

Nancy and Steve Einhorn

Jamie Elder

Ethan Elser

Pam Evason

Nate Fronk

Mike Fruin

Todd and Kristen Gagliano

Geoff and Lynn Gardiner

Ellie Gettinger and Mitch Nelles

Chris Goller

Fred Gosman

John Griffith

Sharon and Mike Grinker

Joe Haas

Coretta Herring

Jeremy and Sarah Hillenbrand

Mary Hlavinka

Jason Holton and Bethiel Girma

Bill and Mary Alice Houghton

Corey Hoze

Sarah Jacobson

Robert and Sarah Jansen

Kadie and Steve Jelenchick

Mary Kashian

Margaret Keehn

Kari Kiernast-Dickman

Jim and Elizabeth Lange

Cathy and James Lathrop

Autumn Latimore

Eileen and Steve Lazich

Ginger Lazovik

Katie and Royce Lindner

Kevin Lindsey

John Linnen

Steve and Ricka Long

Tedd and Julie Lookatch

Brian and Amy Lucareli

Michael Mack

Sean and Shayna Malaney

Brian and Mary Kathryn Malaney

Judy and John Malaney

Anne Mallinger

Alicia Manning

Gene Manzanet

Chris Marschka

Katie Marshall

Kevin and Sherrie McGovern

Travis and Elizabeth Mueller

Beth Myers

Greg Nagel

Barbara Neuworth

Sodi Nichols

Pat Nowak

Sarah and Jesse Pagels

Jason Parry

Dave and Laura Pauli

Suphansa Phetvisay

Debra Powers

Carl Quindel

Scott Ramlow

Colleen Reilly

Matt Rinka

Andrea Roschke

Stephen Rothe

Paul Rottmann

Andrew Ruehl

Kevin Schalk

Amy Schleg

Joe Schlidt

Chris Schreiber and Laura Misco

Molly Schweiger

Paul Sherer

Stand Together

Allison Doyle Steinhafel

Ben Stern

Eileen and Chuck Stoner

Byron Thompson

Andy Vedder

Troy Wohlt

Charlie Wright, Jr.

Kim Wynn

Scott Yauck

Irma Yepez-Klassen

Zilber Family Foundation

Mike Zimmerman

Thanks to our Fantastic Event Sponsors:

 Family Spotlight Sponsor

Eileen Gosman

Long & Stoner Families

Mark & Cristy Thomas

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