Teal napkins and teal up-lighting, lit votives, and family-tree centerpieces made for a truly breath-taking visual at the Longest Neighborhood Table 2017. Nearly 300 people came together for dinner September 28, 2017 at a table just as long (300 feet!) as we celebrated our families and raised money for our programs.

We’re thrilled that the event was such a success and cannot wait to do it all over again next year. 

 Browse the photos below courtesy of Patrick Manning:

Thanks to all of our fabulous Event Contributors: 

Thanks to the people below the event raised over $180,000.

Abby Andrietsch
Allison Doyle Stienhafel
Andrea Ogden
Andrew Ruehl
Andrew Schwartz
Andy and Paula Holman
Angel Cabrices
Arvind Gopalratnam
Autumn Latimore
Barbara J Neuworth
Barbara Markoff
Bill and Karen Elliott
Blake Edwards
Bob Schneider
Brandon Tschacher
Britton Domer
Carl Quindel
Cathy La Fleur
Charles Hardy and Simone Smith
Chris and Rory Foley
Chris Schreiber
Chris Slater
Christine Smyth
Chuck Roszewicz
Claire Egner-Rothe
Dan and Terese Einhorn
Dave Werner
Dawn Hutchison-Weiss
Deanna Evans
Deborah Roesner
Diana Castillo
Elizabeth and Jim Lange
Elizabeth and Travis Mueller
Elizabeth Flamm
Ericca Pollack
Fred and Amy Croen
Fred Gosman
Genyne Edwards
Geoff and Lynn Gardiner
Gina Stilp
Ginger and Kevin Lazovik
Griselda Aldrete
Gladys Manzanet
Greg and Beth Myers
Jae Choe
James and Cathy Lathrop
Jamie Evans
Jamie Evans
Jane Butenhoff
Jeff and Lynn Kenkel
Jeff Kenkel
Jen Uttke
Jennifer Plese
Jesse and Sarah Thomas Pagels
Jilly Gokalgandhi
Jim and Susan Sedgwick
Jim Lange
JoAnne Anton
Joe Hammer
Joe Schlidt
John Griffith
John Linnen
John Schreiber
Josh Yamat
Judy Kujawa
Karen Duke
Karen Elliott
Karl Wuesthoff
Kathy Linnen
Keith Stanley
Kim Wynn
Kimberly Kane
Kristen and Tod Gagliano
Larry and Joanne Austin
Laura and Dave Pauli
Laura Schnicke
Leah Fiasca
Lee Turner
Libby Cavanaugh
Lindsey McKee
Lloyd Levin
Marnie Lawler McDonough and Pat McDonough
Matt Evans
Max and Aimee Welsh
MB Kilian and Gena Fisher
Meralis Hood
Michael and Andrea Zimmerman
Michael Fruin
Michael Jurken
Miguel Pesqueira
Mike Kellman
Mike Mack
Mike Zimmerman
Mitch Nelles and Ellie Gettinger
Molly Schweiger
Nancy and Steve Einhorn
Nathan Brenn and Kelsey Palmer Brenn
Nathan Hammons
Pam Evason
Paul Haislmaier
Wayne and Brenda Breitbarth
Rebecca and Adam Stoner
Renee Scampini
Rob and Sarah Jansen
Robert Holton
Rory Foley
Samantha Wilson
Sandi Evans
Sarah Jacobson
Sequoya and Nicole Borgman
Stacey Bast
Steve and Ricka Long
Steve Jelenchick
Steve Wellenstein
Stew Brase
Susan Stewart
Tedd and Julie Lookatch
Tia Torhorst
Tony Franda
Tracy Parker
Uihlein Wilson Architects
Venus Coates

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