Acts Housing's Longest Table 2019

461 guests

456 feet of table

$406,000 in contributions to support homeownership

Thanks to the generous support of co-chairs Pam Evason, Austin Ramirez and Heather Ramirez, along with Lead Sponsor Wells Fargo, The fourth annual Longest Neighborhood Table was the most successful table yet. Guests were cozy dining at one table together, while hearing the story of Hector Rodriguez – the 2019 Homeowner of the Year.

THANK YOU to all of our amazing sponsors, individual donors, homeowners, community partners and guests who make this table a special place to gather. Thank you, especially, for your continued commitment to homeownership.

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Thanks to the generous supporters below, Acts raised over $400,000 to support its’ mission

Adam and Rebecca Stoner

Alex Kramer

Alicia Dupies

Alicia Manning

Alison and David Dupee

Amanda Baltz

Fred and Amy Croen

Andrea Evert

Andrew Kuttler

Andrew Ruehl

Andrew and Allison Steinhafel

Andy and Megan Black

Ann and Tom Metcalfe

Anna and Kris Baritt

Anthony Johnson

Anthony McHenry

Arin and Tony Nguyen

Aspen Antonio and Kevin Malaney

Austin and Heather Ramirez

Bekki Yang

Benjamin Juech

Bill Scanlon

Bob and Ann McCormick

Brad Kramer

Brandon Tschacher

Brian and Mary Kathryn Malaney

Brion Winters

Britt Blackwelder

Britton and Charlie Domer

Byron Thompson

Cal Gander

Cathy Costantini

Cathy DeMuth

Cathy Stagmer

Chad Bauman

Charles Evans

Charlie and Rachel Uihlein

Christopher and Rory Foley

Chris Schreiber and Laura Misco

Christa Baldridge

Christin Clark Cleaver

Christina and Dan Katt

Corry Joe Biddle

Dan and Paige Conley

Danielle Bly

Dave and Edie Werner

Debbie and Ron Maturo

Debbie Scribner

Doug and Patti Levy

Dr. Kia Saeian and Angeline Saeian

Elaine Burke

Elizabeth and Robert Draper

Emilia and Chris Layden

Eric Grabczyk

Erik and Diane Andersen

Erin and Craig Haan

Fred and Amy Croen

Fred Gosman

Georgia Tice

Gillian and Michael Gosman

Ginger and Kevin Lazovik

Greg and Beth Myers

Gretchen Menard

Griselda Aldrete

Gus and Becky Ramirez

Heather Alberti

Heather Turner Loth

James and Elizabeth Lange

Jane Malone

Jay Lauck

Jayson Stemo

Jean Schlidt

Jeff Hoehn

Jeff Olsen

Jen Dirks

Jennifer Koop Olsta

Jessica Dean

Jillian Culver

Joe and Debbie Kasle

Joe and Jane Pfaff

John and Judy Malaney

John and Mary Evans

John and Peggy Griffith

John and Kathy Linnen

John and Linda Mellowes

John Melzer

John Schreiber

Jon and Bridget Donahue

Jordan and Amy Clark

Joseph Peltz

Joshua Yamat and Jennifer Kornman

Joyce Rubenstein

Jud Snyder and Amy Stillman

Judith Kistler

Justin Dunleavy

Kami Joseph

Kathy Morris

Katie and Brian Gavin

Katie Ives

Katy Schlidt

Kelsey Palmer Brenn and Nathan Brenn

Kevin and Ginger Lazovik

Kevin Lindsey

Kira Lafond

Kris Barger

Kristen Gagliano

Kristin Dufek

Kristin Ihle

Kurt and Kate Knipper

Laura Pauli

Laura Piotrowski

Leon Joseph

Les Weil

Leslie Hauser and Karl Wuesthoff

Libby and Jim Cavanaugh

Lisa Furseth

Lisa Williams

Manny Garcia

Margaret Krei

Marlene Castillo

Marlene Lange

Mary Alice and Bill Houghton

Mary Houghton

Mary Jo and Don Layden

Mary Nolte

Marybeth Budisch

Matt and Andrea Hunter

Matt and Amy Miller

Matt Tadisch

Matthew Simon

Maureen Hanson

Max and Aimee Welsh

Melissa and David Songco

Michael and Barbara Mueller

Michelle Romano

Miguel and Rita Pesqueira

Michael Mack

Michael and Andrea Zimmerman

Mitch Nelles and Ellie Gettinger

Molly and Jeff Hoehn

Molly and Scott Schweiger

Murph Burke

Nancy and Steve Einhorn

Nathan Hammons and Jennifer Knight

Nick and JoAnne Anton

Nicole and Sequoya Borgman

Nicole Gulatz

Noel and Katie Kegel

Omar and Abby Andrietsch

Pam Evason

Pat Nowak and Gina Stilp

Paul and Patty Haislmaier

Paul and Susan Stewart

Paul and Jennie Votto

Peggy Armstrong

Renee Scampini

Robert Jansen

Ron Grzywinski

Sally Lyne

Sandi Evans

Sara Gimbel

Sarah and Michael Weiss

Sarah Blair

Sarah Jacobson

Sarah and Steve Zimmerman

Scott and Linda Haag

Sean and Shayna Malaney

Sharon and Mark Shapiro

Stacy Williams

Stephanie Chedid

Stephanie Compton

Stephanie Weiss

Stephen and Kathy Rothe

Steve and Ricka Long

Stew Brase

Sue Strittmater

Suki Wilson

Suphansa Phetvisay

Susan Waldman

Suzanne Zwaska

Tami Garrison

Tedd and Julie Lookatch

Tiffany Henry

Tim Wiedenbauer

Tina Downing

Toniqua Green

Tony and Jennifer Franda

Travis and Elizabeth Mueller

Vanessa and Erik Eisenmann

Venus Coates

Vivian Moller

Wendy Burke

William Scanlon

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