Bruce Knows Best

Bruce Knows Best



In August 2018, Bruce heard about ACTS Housing and called about next steps.

“I decided I would attend orientation and see what happens,” he said. He purchased a four-bedroom, move-in ready home in the Rufus King neighborhood.

He is preparing to move into it by the end of the month.

Bruce worked with ACTS realtor Tess Wynn, and said he saw a couple homes–including one that is up the street from the one he purchased.

“I knew I had to get this house,” he said. “It feels different from any home I’ve ever lived in.”

Bruce cites the room sizes and kitchens as selling points.

“Instead of just large rooms, they’re sectioned off and there’s a fireplace.”

His favorite room is the kitchen which he fell in love with upon seeing its photo on a listing.

“Kitchens and bathrooms sell houses,” he said.

When he’s not working, he readies the home for move-in for his family.

His current project is taking dimensions of the living room and bedrooms for furniture.

He is on the lookout for furniture and just installed a stainless steel refrigerator in the kitchen. He put a light sensor in the restroom.

Bruce’s advice to those looking to purchase: just do it. He notes ACTS’ family-first approach.

“ACTS is patient…they really work with you to get you the type of house that you want. They’re not just sending you on a hunt to hurry up and finish.”




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    Interested in the process of getting a house


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