Christian & Lorena's Dream Home


Christian signs the final documents at closing

Christian and Lorena beamed with pride as ACTS’ Community Broker Mary handed them a welcome mat for their new home:

“we’re very thankful to Mary, she helped us find the house of our dreams. We are blessed” Lorena explained.

Christian and Lorena have been married for eight years, and spent the last two years of their marriage searching for a home:

“I tried for one and a half years and no one really helped. Now, it’s been easier” Christian explained about their home ownership process.

Outside view of their new home

Outside view of their new home

Christian and Lorena found out about ACTS through their friends, Maria and Luis, who also purchased and rehabbed a foreclosure with ACTS’ support. Maria, Luis, Christian, Lorena and their friend Carlos are working together to do as much of the home rehab as possible, to cut down on expenses. They closed on the home in mid-November and now, only one month later, have nearly completed repairs.

Christian and Lorena are looking forward to gardening at their new house, and starting their family in a home of their own.

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