Trudy’s Commitment

Trudy’s Commitment

Once a homebuyer attends an ACTS orientation and pays for their credit pull; they meet with ACTS’ counseling department to assess heir financial fitness for homeownership.

They either will work with the counseling team further to get a preapproval from an ACTS bank partner or they will receive a financial action plan with steps to take that will get them ready and schedule check-ins with the department as they complete those steps.

Trudy Thomas had been working on her financial action plan with the counseling department for over three years.

She originally worked with Constance Alberts, a former ACTS homebuyer counselor, back in 2014. She completed the counseling process with Maria Santos, ACTS’ Director of Homebuyer Counseling.

It was a proud day in the ACTS office and for Trudy on Feb. 23 when she closed on her home.

Perhaps a little emotional, too.

When she finished signing the papers she gave her loan officer, Cindy Higgins of Great Midwest Bank, and her ACTS realtor Tess Wynn each a hug.

“It feels good,” she said of her purchase. “Tess was a lot of strength for me. She gave me confidence that I was going to find something.”

Tess wishes Trudy the best as she makes the transition from homebuyer to homeowner.

“My hope for her is that she has a place that she can truly customize and have something that’s reliable for her and her children,” Wynn said.

Trudy, a Certified Nurse’s Assistant, saw a total of eight homes and found a gem in a $78,000 two-unit, five-bedroom home in the Burnham Park neighborhood on Milwaukee’s South Side.

She is hoping it will acts as a family home for her seven children and seven grandchildren.

Although she could have moved in immediately after her closing, Trudy, who rented previously, is waiting until her lease is up next month to move in.

“Maybe once I move in I’ll have some champagne,” Trudy said.


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