Angel’s Progress

Angel’s Progress



Angel, 37, was the first Acts homebuyer to receive a microloan amount higher than $25,000 for his home rehab project.

Since his purchase in February, the boards that protected the vacant property have been removed. He’s done some work on the outside of the house as well as the inside.

The kitchen, once a drab white, is now a vibrant yellow.

Angel has noticed a difference since becoming a homeowner.

“I feel like I’m saving because now I know the house is mine. I can call it my own,” he said.

Angel and his wife have been working nonstop to make the repairs and moved in June 1.

Moving in was a relief.

“I can do more for the house and work later since I don’t have to travel,” he said.

The family is still laying hardwood floor and repairing the other half of the duplex. They think the second half of the house could be a refuge.

“…It doesn’t have to be rented,” he said. “Maybe a relative who needs a place to live can live there,” he said.

While working full-time and making the ongoing repairs, they have some moral support not too far.

Another Acts family doesn’t live too far from Angel.

“They visited one time and were really impressed by the way everything looked,” he said. All repairs on track to be completed by August.

In his spare time, Angel is a champion for Acts. He has already sent two families to orientation; one of them should be ready to close soon, he said.

“I’m trying to get them to become my neighbors,” he said. “There’s a house on the corner for sale.”

Take a look at before and some progress photos below!



A Dream Achieved: Stephanie Osuji

A Dream Achieved: Stephanie Osuji


Stephanie Osuji is looking forward to enjoying the fruits of her labor. The first thing she’d like to do in her new home is host a barbecue.

Stephanie at her home closing, December 2018

She purchased her home, a duplex on Milwaukee’s North side, through ACTS for $1,000 in December and is the recipient of a $25,000 ACTS home rehab loan.

She worked three jobs seven days a week: at her childcare business, as a personal care worker, and took a part-time job at Wendy’s to be able to afford her dream of homeownership. All the while she was taking care of her son.

But she was motivated by Director of Homebuyer Counseling Maria Santos.

“She told me what I needed to do,” she said.

Stephanie initially wanted a more move-in ready home; however, homeownership with little to no debt after purchase was attractive to her.

“This house will be paid off in five years and I can kinda make it my own,” she said. “Once I wrapped my head around the idea I figured you have to do what you have to do.”

She is working with contractors on the lower level on the plumbing, flooring, and electrical to be able to move in in the next two months.

Stephanie says she found her home by chance. She saw three other homes, but they were in bad shape.

“It sort of fell out of the sky. God said ‘here you go,” she said. “I also couldn’t beat that price.”

She is the first person in her immediate family to own their own home. She hopes to lead by example and get her other family members to ACTS.

Her family has been particularly helpful in her journey.

“I was fortunate to have family and friends to help me.” she said. “I was blessed all around.”


More Opportunity for Families

More Opportunity for Families


Angel purchased his first home earlier this month in the Franklin Heights neighborhood. His home sale also marked a first for ACTS.

ACTS Lending, the affiliate nonprofit of ACTS Housing, has increased its microloan amount from $25,000 to $50,000 and expanded its use to include purchase. Angel was the first ACTS homebuyer to receive the increased loan amount for his home rehab.

Director of Lending and Home Rehab Priya Bhatia believes the new amount will connect families to more opportunity.

“The increased loan amount gives ACTS families a better opportunity to find a home in today’s real estate market that meets their needs,” she said. “And we continue to keep the affordability issue front and center.”

Recipients of the increased loan amount can expect monthly payments of $500 or less which includes principal, taxes, and insurance. The interest rate on the new loan will remain six percent.

Bhatia says the $500 monthly payment is at or below the cost of rent for most borrowers.

Angel described himself as ‘very excited’ to finally be a homeowner. His ACTS real estate agent Jenean Shorter is just as pleased.

His home requires a $53,000 rehab project including structural, electrical, and plumbing work. Shorter says the loan will help him tackle it.

“City homes need a lot of work,” she said. “The new loan amount will give families the opportunity to purchase homes that need more repairs and do what they need to do to live in it.”

Angel has already started cleaning and painting the home just two weeks in to being a homeowner.

He says he had a good experience and he would ‘absolutely recommend’ ACTS to potential homebuyers.

“I was looking around, I saw the list, and I found the house,” he said.


Photos of the house before Angel’s rehab project. 

Living room

Dining room


Bruce Knows Best

Bruce Knows Best



In August 2018, Bruce heard about ACTS Housing and called about next steps.

“I decided I would attend orientation and see what happens,” he said. He purchased a four-bedroom, move-in ready home in the Rufus King neighborhood.

He is preparing to move into it by the end of the month.

Bruce worked with ACTS realtor Tess Wynn, and said he saw a couple homes–including one that is up the street from the one he purchased.

“I knew I had to get this house,” he said. “It feels different from any home I’ve ever lived in.”

Bruce cites the room sizes and kitchens as selling points.

“Instead of just large rooms, they’re sectioned off and there’s a fireplace.”

His favorite room is the kitchen which he fell in love with upon seeing its photo on a listing.

“Kitchens and bathrooms sell houses,” he said.

When he’s not working, he readies the home for move-in for his family.

His current project is taking dimensions of the living room and bedrooms for furniture.

He is on the lookout for furniture and just installed a stainless steel refrigerator in the kitchen. He put a light sensor in the restroom.

Bruce’s advice to those looking to purchase: just do it. He notes ACTS’ family-first approach.

“ACTS is patient…they really work with you to get you the type of house that you want. They’re not just sending you on a hunt to hurry up and finish.”



Dedicated and On Display: Horacio’s Home

Dedicated and On Display: Horacio’s Home


Upon meeting Horacio, it’s evident he’s proud of his home. He frequently displays the home’s progress on his Snapchat.

Sitting cozy on Milwaukee north side, he and members of his family (including his 74-year-old grandfather) have been working hard on the home rehab: insulation, finishing walls, pulling up carpets and refinishing the original hardwood floors.

“It’s been a lot of work,” he said. “But we’re almost finished.”

He worked for five months getting the home code compliant after purchasing it for $3,500 in May. The family moved in in September.

Horacio hopes to complete the cosmetic rehab projects in another six months.

Among the projects left to complete is adding a fireplace console.

Previously, Horacio and his wife Maria rented a small two-bedroom apartment.

Living in a 4-bedroom, single-family house has taken some adjustment.

“Sometimes it feels like it’s too big,” he said.

The neighborhood has them smitten. Horacio knows his neighbors: a janitor to the right of him and a third-shift worker to the left.

“This area is good,” he said. “And quiet.”


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