Simon Arenal and his wife Gregoria Copto were intimidated by the ACTS rehab process and saw a total of four homes.

They were anxious until they found their home in the Clarke Square neighborhood and saw its potential.  

They purchased a city-tax foreclosure for $3,500 and received a $25,000 home rehab loan through ACTS Lending.  

ACTS realtor Tess Wynn said, at the time they closed on the property, it had three purchase offers.  

“It was a very hot, competitive property,” Wynn said. 

The family worked with Senior Rehab Counselor Ramon Guadarrama 

The home needed electrical work, had water damage on its first floor, had prior work done without a permit which needed to be redone, and needed an updated kitchen. 

In addition, the family worked on the bathroom floors, cabinetry, and more. They loved their bathroom tile so much they used leftover tile for the table in their dining room.

In total, the rehab project on the first unit took them just three months.

Simon said owning a home had been his family’s dream.  

“We’d been wanting to do this for a long time. Thank you to ACTS for helping us make it a reality,” Simon said.  

  While they are living in one part of the house, they are completing the rehab on the second part of the house. Simon says the second unit is where his brother will live.

‘We’re so happy to have something to take care of,” Simon said.

See the transition of repairs to the Arenal household below. 



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